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While searching for outstanding classroom and library blogs, I came across many notable blogs. Below, you can find links to some of these and other blogs that I follow. Enjoy!

Books That Heal Kids

Learning is Messy

Math Coach’s Corner

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  1. Thank you for the Books That Heal Kids blog. I clicked on a few of the titles and like how excerpts of the books are displayed. I am going to make my school counselor knows about the blog. Do you have any of the titles listed on the blog in you library?


  2. Hi Brian, I am so glad you enjoyed this resource! I did not get a chance to go through all of the books, because there are so many. However, in the ones I saw, we have the following: In my team collection, we have Stand Tall Molly Lou Mellon, I Like Myself, and The Recess Queen. When I taught first grade, we had Ira Sleeps Over. In my classroom collection I have Players in Pigtails, The Dot, I Like Me, Amazing Grace, Do Unto Otters, and I’m sure many more. Also, I am sure my school library has all of these books and more on the list.

    That’s a great idea to share this list with the school counselor! I am also going to remember it as a resource for parents.


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