Technology and the Common Core

Today, technology plays an important role in classrooms around the country. View my VoiceThread presentation below to learn about the impact of technology in the Common Core State Curriculum, and also how it is used for assessment purposes, like PARCC, which is a standardized test given in about 13 states across our country.


Web 2.0 Tools!

PhotoPeach is an excellent slideshow tool. In addition to adding pictures, PhotoPeach allows you to customize your slideshow using captions, music and you can even include multiple choice quizzes! Teachers can purchase an educator account, so their students can create slideshows of their own. In the classroom, this would be a great tool for digital storytelling, biographies, book reviews, reading to preform a task/ “how-to” writing etc. Teachers can use it during quarterly or end of the year celebrations, as additional support or resources for students, and even professional development seminars.

I created a slideshow that reflects the second grade math curriculum. At times, students and their parents find that it’s difficult to decompose numbers to add and subtract. This slideshow shows step by step directions on how to use this strategy, a few questions to review, and questions at the end to practice and their solutions. Students can view this slideshow on our school’s second grade website and use it as needed. Also, parents can view the slideshow to get a better understanding of how and why we practice this strategy.

View the slideshow here: How to Decompose